Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Birthstone

For more than 4000 years, Emerald has been the premier gem and the most valuable of all jewels. If you are born in May, how lucky are you to have Emerald as your birthstone!

One of the most famous Emerald pieces is the "The Chalk Emerald Ring".

The superb clarity and deep green color of the 37.82-carat Chalk Emerald ranks among the very finest Colombian emeralds. According to legend, it was once the centerpiece of an emerald and diamond necklace belonging to a maharani of the former state of Baroda in India.

It originally weighed 38.40 carats, but was re cut and set in a ring, where it is surrounded by sixty pear-shaped diamonds (totalling 15 carats), by Harry Winston Inc. The ring was a gift to the Smithsonian Institute by Mr. and Mrs. O. Roy Chalk in 1972.